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Can I buy your products and do the install myself?

Yes. We can supply you with all you need to do it yourself, or you can leave it to us to do the design, material supply and installation.  We do recommend professional installation for the best outcome possible, as site installation techniques materially effect compliance with regulations and the long term performance of the fence.

What is standard pool fence height and balustrade height?

Pool – 1200mm,  Balustrade  – 1000mm.  To comply with Australian Standards.

What material options are available?

Safety Glass / Stainless Steel / Powder coated Aluminum  / Powder coated pre galvanized steel / Bright Anodized Aluminum Posts

Is powder coating included in the price?


How many colors are available?

Refer to powder coating color chart by clicking here. Most colors can be matched to suit your existing house colors.

What is the longevity of pre-galvanised steel?

This is dependent on the application to the environment. Our experienced salesperson can recommend the most suitable product for your needs. We offer a 12-month warranty on materials and workmanship. If the environment exposes fencing to splashing by salt water or chlorine we recommend Aluminum or Stainless Steel.

Do you need to clean stainless steel? 

Yes. An occasional wipe with soapy water will keep the lustre on stainless steel.  Tea staining will occur on external installations and requires cleaning with cleaning products.  More information on tea stains and suitable cleaning products can be found here

Should posts be installed prior to paving or tiling?

It is not essential to install posts before tiling, although there is always a risk that one or two tiles may be damaged by drilling after the tiles are laid.  If the area has waterproofing layers you will need to take advice from a builder or waterproofing professional.

What is your standard length of panels?

This will vary according to the site. For pool height it is recommended to be no longer than 2.4 meters. A support foot can be used if a longer distance is required.

How far can you span glass sections?

This again is dependent on the thickness of the glass and the site.